How it all began

The addiction, like all addictions, began innocently enough.  I had just purchased the first mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera (Panasonic G1).  Unfortunately there were not many lens available for this new system but the system did allow you to use “legacy” lenses.  I wanted a macro lens and remembered using a Pentax macro years ago.  A quick check on Ebay and I had the lens.  One lens led to another.  Then I saw a Pentax K1000 going very cheaply, so I added a film camera to go with the lenses.  Then it was the Retina IIIc, my first good 35 mm camera.  Then I had inherited a Minox and looked for others.  Now I have more than 45 old film cameras and still am looking.

In this blog, I will write about my views on collecting cameras, some suggestions on how to navigate the perils of Ebay and some discussions of the equipment I have purchased.